Small Hydro Regulations – Question #3

Jun 10

This Week’s Small Hydro Question for You -

Another Small & Micro hydropower question for you to consider and answer in the comments on this post:

What Small &  Micro Hydro regulation issues do you find most difficult for you?


Stainless Steel Pelton Nozzle and Spear Valve

Stainless Steel Pelton Nozzle and Spear Valve

What’s on Your Mind Regarding Small & Micro Hydropower?

May 07

What are the essential one or two most important things that are blocking you from moving forward with your Hydropower site ideas or plans?

Now is your chance to pipe up about what is the biggest thing you think is preventing you from starting or completing your Small or Micro Hydroelectric project?

For example:  I’m blocked by; ‘Regulations…’, ‘Cash or capital issues…’, ‘Understanding the site…’, ‘Not sure how to proceed with…’, etc. You fill in the missing words in your comment on this post,  Try to keep discussion focused on the  issue that most impacts your progress.

Use the comments on this post to gain or give insight and provide feedback between all the readers.

This is also where a few of our more experienced Renewable Hydropower readers can really help by adding your comments to any threads as you have insight..


PS.  This is a great time to think hard about what is really blocking your way forward with hydropower.

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